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We are currently in the process of Grading our New Stock. We aim to have our Yellow, Lime , Royal & Green grades avalable on the 15th July. Thank You for your patience.

Please Note:

All online orders made between 18th - 30th June will be posted out on Monday July 2nd

Shehbaz Khan - CEO Founder



Shehbaz founded The Frankincense Store in 2009 and ever since has dedicated his life to the study and develpment of Frankincense and the store. Being creative, passionate and spiritualy knowledged about Frankincense , Shehbaz has discovered many wonders about this ancient herb.  His experiences have been extraordinary and some still remaind a secret. He contunues  to learn and develop his own path. His vision for The Frankincense Store is one beyond the comprehension of any normal men, and has already proved his dedication by discovering and sharing some amazing facts about it.



Gheerish - Store Manager



Gee is an avid student of Western Yogic Philosophies. He has spent the last 18 years exploring the Human Psyche and the expansion of Consciousness. Born in Mauritius, he came to London 12 years ago. He joined the Frankincense store in January 2016 and comes with 8 years of Business Management and Customer Service experience.


His Frankincense journey started after an in depth Conversation with Shehbaz over the wonders and benefits of Frankincense.  You will find Gee at the Frankincense Store offering you the Best Service and Guidance on the uses of Frankincense.


Erica - Customer Advisor



Erica has been part of the Frankincense Store for the past two years and has experienced the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of Frankincense in her private life. In addition to The Frankincense Store, she works as a massage therapist and devotes her free time to study the Healing Arts of different cultures and backgrounds, applying them into her path of spirituality and self discovery.

When you come to the Frankincense Store, expect to be taken to a surprising  journey into the world of Frankincense, where she will  welcome your needs and questions with an open heart, sharing her personal knowledge and first hand experiences.

Nobody ever leaves The Frankincense Store without a smile on their face.