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Frankincense has many healing benefits. A natural herb that has been used for thousands of years has healed many people. Most of the many varied medicinal uses can be found in the 'Syriac Book of Medicine' which dates back in Alexandria c.4th -5th century. It has been used for nose-bleeding, headaches, ailments of the eyes and ears, gout, palsy, diarrhoea, ailments affecting the voice and the lungs, coughing, catarrh, pleurisy, stomach pains, diseases of the liver, kidney and bladder complaints, hardness of the spleen, nausea, ailments of the anus and dysentery.*  

Modern science now prove that Frankincense  can also be used to treat Cancer cells. Diabetes, Arthritis Pain, Depression and mind illness leading to mental disorder.

With the variety of frankincense species from different regions, they all have numerous medical results. The burning of the resins, especially Boswellia Sacra has a magnificant effect on the mind body and soul. To live a healthy lifestyle one must be conscious of our actions, the food we eat, the words we speak, the balance of our daily chores, and the lifestyle we choose to live all have an effect on our health. Frankincense can really help with bringing one back to self awareness.


*Frankincense & myrrh - Martin Watt & Wanda Sellar

dissolved in water helps disperse congealed blood. In clinical practice,  it is often applied to reduce pain and swelling in trauma, arthritis, and fractures.

is especially suitable for conditions where the joints and muscles are very stiff, swollen, and painful. Such as arthritis.

is warm and pungent, and enters the heart and lung meridians, it promotes not only the blood circulation, but also the Qi movement 

has been used in clothing scent, deodorant, toothpaste, chewing gum, food flavouring and medicine

In skin care it is considered to be an antiseptic and to be good in anti wrinkle preparations. 

is used globally at Christenings / Births, Weddings & Funerals.

is great for the home as it’s a spiritual cleaner to keep away evil spirits.

smoke triggers a certain chemical in our brain preventing depression, anxiety and stress. It is a great positive mood enhancer.

keeps mosquito’s away reducing incidences of malaria.

while meditating or praying helps to focus and has been used for centuries for worshippers to get closer to God.

balances the positive and negative ions in the atmosphere.

has traditionally been used as a remedy for a wide variety of afflictions, including ulcers, hypertension, nausea, fever, indigestion, chest coughs and post-childbirth recovery.