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What is Depression?


In Today’s western society many people walk around feeling depressed. But we must differentiate from being sad and miserable about life to being depressed. For some reason depression really is a western illness like many others. But why does is it predominantly effect people of the West?


 The answer to this lies within what we value of our lives, and the effects of social living. The feeling of depression is when it interferes in your life and keeps coming back over again and again making you feel run down and pessimistic in the smallest of life’s goals.

Someone with depression would feel detached from the world around them; Emotions such as love, anger, and happiness affection are gone. You become negative and think negative about life itself and towards other people. This is all enhanced on the thought process of fear. Fear is the root of many ill conditions and behaviours for us in the West. We have been conditioned to live in fear. Fear from other people, fear of something happening, fear of the law with all this political correctness nonsense that we constantly have to think about. If there is anything we should fear, than those who believe in the Creator should fear of upsetting him, for all the beautiful and countless blessings bestowed upon us. Fear should be replaced with gratitude and that belief alone will secure us from fear itself. Not everyone believes in the Creator, so fear in a spiritual sense would be to fear upsetting Mother Nature, as nature can sense our emotions. Have you ever talked to a plant and seen how it grows beautifully, and when the same plant is spoken to in a negative way it will not blossom as well as the positive one. These are tests, which have already been scientifically proven. So we need to surround ourselves with positive thoughts, which will materialise into positive actions producing positive results. The mildest form of depression can be making one feel in low spirits but can still live a normal life. In its extreme form depression can lead to suicide and give up the will to live. There are a few forms of depression, which I don’t feel the need to go into. If someone has clinical depression and is taking tablets then they are depressed. By giving different categories it makes depression a rather large and complex issue. We need to find not the root of the problem, but how to get directly to the root, which is in the awakening of the mind.

 Figures show at least one person in every six will become depressed in their lives. One in 20 is clinically depressed. Women are more likely to become depressed than men and any age group can be affected.

 There is no known cause for depression but in many cases it’s the trigger of a traumatic event such as a divorce, death of a lost one, rape, or being physically attacked. But in my view people need to be more grateful in western society and when you become grateful for the smallest things that you have, and then there will be no room for depression. A perfect start would be to be grateful for the legs you have to walk. That alone will motivate you to do the things you want to go out and achieve. But doctors don’t like to talk about the spiritual cures for illnesses. Instead they offer you treatments that temporally leave you euphoric and the down side has many negative effects.

 See when you are depressed the one major characteristic you need to be aware of is the thinking that you are depressed can cause you more depression. This is a repetitive thought process, which need to be exchanged for “ I am feeling great, I can do all I would like to do, with the things I have right now”. But don’t just say it, believe it. :)


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