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 It's clear that people who are depressed show changes to the chemical messengers (called neurotransmitters) in the brain. These chemical messengers need to become still. A great way for to achieve this, is through meditation or prayer.

An important thing to remember is that there are no instant solutions to problems in life. Solving problems involves time, energy and work. When you are feeling depressed, you may not be feeling energetic or motivated to work. An hour of social leisure time such as sport, running in the street or park will help you. Activities release chemical in the brain called endorphins, which help you feel better. Try to be with people and make more enjoyable memories, so when you look back at yesterday it was a pleasant thought. Remember, the result of our life today is the cause from the actions and thoughts from yesterday.


People with depression have found many treatments such as counselling and psychotherapy quite helpful. As well as Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT) and exercise programmes. Also acupuncture, massage, homeopathy and herbal medicines are natural treatments that have been known to help.


For severe depression doctors just give anti – depressant, which is definitely not the route you want to take. Antidepressant drugs are the most common medical treatment for depression. They work on chemical messengers in the brain to lift your mood. They can’t cure depression, but they can alleviate the symptoms. It often takes between two to four weeks before the drugs take effect. It is recommended that you stay on them for six months in order to prevent a recurrence and by then you become more addicted to the drug. They don’t work for everyone. Antidepressants also cause many unpleasant side effects, and can be dangerous when used with other drugs. Whichever type of antidepressant you take, you may experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking them, especially if you have been taking them for some time. Because of this you should reduce the dosage slowly week by week.


So, if anti depressant is a chemical drug to enhance your mood. Then there must be a natural substance that, for many thousands of years people have been enhancing their mood and not because they are depressed but to heighten the mind and open up its sense of awareness. Without doubt there is only one powerful resin on our planet that has for many years been used to purify the mind and open its sense of awareness. In ancient history the use of frankincense was used in many remedies as a treatment from skin conditions to soul purification to cleansing the atmosphere from negative energies. The smoke from the frankincense also goes directly to the brain releasing endorphins giving you a natural feel good factor. With no side effects. Scientists have proven that the smoke from frankincense does have a positive effect on the mind. ‘Researchers from Johns Hopkins University and Hebrew University administered incensole acetate, a component of frankincense, to lab mice and learned that it lit up areas of their little mouse brains that control emotion, including nerve circuits affecting anxiety and depression. Scientists believe that’s because the brain prioritizes the sense of smell since it was so crucial for the survival of primitive man. Unlike the other four senses, smells are zapped directly to an area deep in the brain. Sensing an aroma like frankincense first encountered long ago can summon up a vivid memory that sight, taste, touch or sound would never have evoked.’


 When you burn Our Hojari Frankincense resins it creates a positive atmosphere. Everything that seems so dull and negative will brighten up and feel positive. You will become less agitated and more still. You will sleep better at night and have good dreams. You will become more energetic as your mind becomes more positive. The use of drugs and alcohol will eventually decrease and the burning of Frankincense will become more of a habit. You will eat better as a result of sleeping well.  You will become more patient as your mind becomes calmer. You will not feel suicidal as you will find a reason to love and will motivate yourself to achieve your desires. As a result of loving yourself you will find true love, which will result in an intimate sex life with meaning. You will be more positive about the future and learn that the past was a lesson. These are just a few of the effects of burning frankincense daily. No side effects. No need for doctor appointments and wasting time in waiting rooms. No need to tell your problems to the world, You just need to see your way through in a positive manner.


Frankincense has already been working for our customers who have used it as a treatment for depression.  Not only will it awaken your mind, you will also see the brighter side of life, with a positive outlook.


Free Your Senses Awaken your Consciousness Burn Frankincense.